Atkis Hong Kong

Asia Pacific Centre

Central, Hong Kong


AKTIS is high profile investment and private equity company in search for an open space office area. Taste was awarded to design and build AKTIS new office which covers over 300sqm of agile workspace with individual conference rooms and breakout area.

We have carefully selected a range of materials and colour palette that best express AKTIS corporate identity. The use of oak timber stripes across the reception and corridor enhances the continuity of different spaces within AKTIS. At the same time, it creates a softer and elegant working atmosphere where the client can enjoy the workspace for work. 

Client: Aktis Capital Advisory Limited

Project Type: Design & Build

Location: Asia Pacific Centre, HK

Date Completed: 2017

Size: 3,000sqft

Atkis Hong Kong
Atkis Hong Kong
Atkis Hong Kong